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Microsoft teams video conferencing features. How to Use Microsoft Teams Video Conference

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Microsoft teams video conferencing features

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Foster collaboration Work together in real time and engage in a deeper, more personal way with online video chat. Learn more. Stay in the flow of work Work smarter by bringing together calling, video chat, meetings, and collaboration, all in one app. Increase productivity The visual nature of a video call online lets people express more faster. Get set up quickly Easily add, monitor, and manage video calling from the Teams admin center.

Connect more effectively with video calling See how to make meetings and calls more engaging and meaningful with video. Overview Guided Tour. Guided Tour Home. Ready to get started? Video calling features Get a quick look at some of the helpful video calling features in Teams. Get a quick look at some of the benefits of using free video calling in Teams.

Save time and encourage real-time collaboration instead of emailing back and forth. Learn more about what you can do with a video chat app like Teams. Previous Next. Share tour. Read more about video calling in Teams How to give remote and in-person employees the same experience Learn how to improve hybrid meetings.

How one major retailer is embracing hybrid work Learn how to rethink your office space. Tips to enhance remote work with video conferencing Learn how to make the most of meetings.

Collaborate and brainstorm in apps together during video calls Learn how to use apps in Teams. See how companies are growing by using video calling with Teams. Meeting business phone needs with Microsoft Teams Global leader Itron used Microsoft Teams Phone plus existing telephony equipment and services to meet business needs. Read the full story. DC Public Schools keep staff and students connected By pairing Teams with Teams Phone, the school district is providing more than 65, staff and students with more flexible learning options during the pandemic.

Expand all Collapse all. What are the advantages of video calling? Why are video calling and conferencing important now? Why use a video calling software application? Learn more about Microsoft Teams. Teams Phone.

Instant messaging. Apps and workflows. Frontline workforce. If you want to change what appears behind you in your video, you can either blur your background, or replace it entirely with any image you want. When you’re setting up your audio and video before a meeting, select Background filters just below the video image.

You’ll see your background options on the right. Note: If you don’t see the option to turn on background effects, the feature might not be available on your device yet. For more details about customizing your background, see Change your background for a Teams meeting. Customize how you see other people’s video during a Teams meeting. For example, you may want to see as many video feeds as you can at one time in a large meeting. Note: To provide the best possible audio and video quality, we might decrease the number of videos you’re seeing at once if you’re running a little low on bandwidth or device memory.

In the meeting controls, select Change your view. The Change your view feature is available as part of the public preview program and may undergo further changes before being released publicly. To get access to this and other upcoming features, switch to the Teams public preview.

If you’re not using public preview, select More options in the meeting controls to find these options. Gallery default view. Large gallery.

Together mode. The default view when you join a meeting shows up to nine other people on your screen at the same time. If there are more than nine others in attendance, Teams prioritizes the people who have their video turned on and those who’re speaking the most.

For people who haven’t turned on their video, Teams shows their profile pic instead or their initials if they haven’t added one. See the videos of up to 49 other people at once. This option is available when at least 10 people have their cameras turned on. Note: If no one is sharing video, Large gallery won’t be selectable in the menu. When more than 49 participants join a Teams meetings, see them all in a gallery with pages. Use these navigation controls to view or engage with more participants.

Lets you feel like you’re in the same shared space with everyone in the meeting. Together mode is available when there are at least five people in the meeting. If you’re a meeting organizer or presenter, you have an assortment of scenes to choose from. To change the scene, click on the scene name in the bottom left corner of your screen. Under Choose a scene , pick the one you want and select Apply.

The scene will change for everyone who’s in Together mode. Note: The classroom scene automatically seats the meeting organizer or whichever presenter was first to join apart from the other participants.

If you’re using Teams on the web Edge or Chrome browser , you’ll see up to four video streams at a time. Join a Teams meeting and ask your participants to turn on their cameras to display a 2×2 grid of four participant videos at once. Note: 2×2 video on Teams for web Edge and Chrome is available as part of the public preview program and may undergo further changes before being released publicly. Available when content is being shared.

This is the view to choose when you’d like to pay close attention to the content without the distraction of seeing people’s video feeds. Note: You’ll need to turn on the new meeting experience to use Large gallery, Together mode, and Focus. In the meeting controls, select Change your view and choose Focus. To pin someone’s video to your view regardless of who’s talking, select More options in their video feed next to their name and choose Pin.

To pin your own video, select More options in your video feed next to your name and choose Pin for me. This will pin your video for your own view, others won’t see you pinned. Spotlighting a video is like pinning it for everyone in the meeting. If you’re an organizer or a presenter, you can choose anyone’s video including your own to be the main video people see.

To spotlight someone else’s video, right-click on the one you want and select Spotlight. To spotlight your own video, first select Show participants. Then, under Participants , right-click your name and select Spotlight. You can spotlight anyone else’s video this way, as well. For more details, see Spotlight someone’s video in a Teams meeting.

To hide your own video, select More options in your video feed next to your name and choose Hide for me. This will hide your video for your own view, others will still see your video. Teams crops some videos to make them fit your screen better. When you join a Teams meeting or call on the mobile app, you can customize your video experience—and the video you share with others—in a bunch of different ways. To turn on your video before a meeting, just tap Turn video on right before you join.

You may want to turn your video on or off over the course of a meeting—if you’d prefer people only see you while you’re talking, for example. Go to the meeting controls anytime during the meeting and tap Turn video on. You can blur your background before or during a meeting if you don’t want others to be able to see what’s behind you. You’ll appear nice and clear while everything behind you is subtly concealed. Before the meeting, just tap Background blur in the upper left corner of your screen before tapping Join.

For more details about changing your background, see Change your background for a Teams meeting.



Using video in Microsoft Teams.Free video conferencing | Microsoft Teams


Rest assured that your sensitive information is protected with data encryption. Make decisions faster. Create and post polls in any chat to get responses in real time. Free video conferencing features Meet one-on-one or with up to people for up to 60 minutes. Collaborate with everyone Voice your thoughts in real-time and share files to collaborate with others inside and outside your organization.

Instantly connect Plan together, assign tasks in shared to-do lists, and schedule or share meeting invites directly in a group chat. Organize your projects and plans Select the dashboard view in any chat to quickly access all shared content, such as tasks, upcoming events, and links, in one place. Work with peace of mind Rest assured that your sensitive information is protected with data encryption. Make decisions faster Create and post polls in any chat to get responses in real time.

Read more about free video conferencing in Teams Getting started with meetings in Teams Learn how to get started. Five things to do first with Teams Learn what to try first. Invite people to Teams Learn how to get everyone to join. Expand your business offerings with Teams Learn how diverse industries use Teams to stay relevant in changing times.

Built for small businesses By combining features that many small businesses need to serve customers, including virtual visits, Teams provides Bristol Dental Specialists with streamlined client intake tools.

Read the full story. Adapt to the unexpected When the pandemic brought many industries to a halt, Core Fitness Miami pivoted to using Teams for virtual training sessions. Get the free Microsoft Teams mobile app. Enter phone number or email address for a link. Send now. Your message is being sent. Your message has been sent, please check your device shortly.

Your message has been sent, please check your email shortly. We’re sorry, an error occurred while sending your message. Please try again shortly. Please enter a valid digit phone number. Format: or email address. Messaging: To keep track of upcoming changes, including new and changed features, planned maintenance, or other important announcements, visit the Message Center. For more information, see Message center. Skip to main content.

This browser is no longer supported. Download Microsoft Edge More info. Table of contents Exit focus mode. Table of contents. Resources Explore our resource center to find templates to help you get the job done, job interview tips, insights to tackle your biggest project management challenges, and so much more. Certification It pays to be certified in project management. Resources Having difficulties adjusting to remote work?

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What is Microsoft Teams? What are Microsoft Teams video conference calls used for? Microsoft Teams meetings are used by organizations to conduct: Internal meetings with remote staff External meetings with remote clients Job interviews Training programs Online events with up to 10, participants. How to set up a Microsoft Teams video conference Set up your Microsoft Teams video conference using the following steps.

Microsoft Teams features Most of the key benefits of Microsoft Teams are in its features. Show participants This option shows a list of participants in the meetings and gives the organizer the option to mute others. Show conversation This is the meeting chat feature. File-sharing: One of the most useful features of this function is the ability to upload and share files directly into the chat.

More options This menu includes the following useful features: Device settings: Choose and adjust audio and camera devices. Meeting options: Adjust lobby waiting room settings and allow others to present and unmute themselves. Meeting notes: This feature means that the notes you take will be shared with others and are accessible during and after the meeting.

Notes are made available to others via the chat feature. Meeting details: Click to copy join information to share with others. Gallery mode: Choose how many people will be visible on your screen at once. Background settings: Blur your background, choose a virtual background, or upload your own. Live captions: This AI feature will detect what is said in a meeting and present real-time captions. Designed to make meetings more inclusive for people who are hearing-impaired, this feature may not work if participants speak at the same time or fail to speak clearly.

Only available in English for now. Meeting recording: Record the video and audio of your meeting. After you stop the recording, it will be made available in the chat feature and saved to your Files menu in Microsoft Teams. Be sure to let all participants know that the meeting is being recorded. Dial pad: Allows users to make phone calls via Teams. Turn off incoming video: Enables the organizer to turn off the view of someone using their webcam. Breakout rooms This feature, which Microsoft began rolling out in December , enables the organizer to create sub-meetings within the main Teams meeting.

View and download the participant list of any meeting for reference and follow up after the meeting. Give people more control and reduce location constraints—connect whenever and wherever with video conferencing.

Make a video conference call and share your screen instead of sending email and waiting for replies. Using a camera, a microphone, and a video conferencing app such as Teams, people at two or more locations see and hear each other simultaneously. Hold one-on-one meetings or large virtual events in Teams. Communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere—on projects with groups almost any size. Do more in meetings. Share screens and files, see captions, chat, make a recording, and change your background with Teams video conferencing software.

Meet and work wherever and however you want with devices made just for video conferencing in Teams—everything from headsets to speakerphones and cameras to displays. Get together virtually—anytime and anywhere—with a video conference. Host your video conference in a virtual shared space. Video conferencing makes connecting virtually almost as much fun as being there. Video conferencing is an online meeting between two or more participants that provides video, as well as audio, input and output.

Video conferencing enables real-time collaboration, increases productivity, saves time, and helps people who are working remote feel less isolated and more engaged. Some video conferencing software even allows people to blur or change their background to add privacy without losing the ability to connect face to face.

Remote work and working from home have increased dramatically so being able to communicate and collaborate in real time with a video conference fosters productivity, participation, and morale. There are many benefits to using a software application app developed specifically for real-time online collaboration such as video conferencing in addition to other capabilities including file sharing and calendaring.

Participating in a video conference call is easy. You just need a device with a camera, a microphone, and a video conference app such as Microsoft Teams.