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Learn more about Teams for everyone. See the Gartner report. Expand all Collapse all. What are the advantages of online meetings? Why are online meetings important now? Why use online meetings software? How do I participate in an online meeting? Learn more about Microsoft Teams.

Audio Conferencing. Teams Phone. Instant messaging. Apps and workflows. Frontline workforce. Security and compliance. Get started with Microsoft Teams today. Download the app. Home Learn more. Business Learn more. Enterprise Learn more. Education Learn more. Microsoft Teams. Featured topics. Microsoft Teams More Sign in with your Microsoft username and password. Notes: Teams is a part of Microsoft , so you need a Microsoft Apps for business or Enterprise license to use it.

Need more help? Expand your skills. Get new features first. Modern authentication is a process that lets Teams know that users have already entered their credentials, such as their work email and password elsewhere, and they shouldn’t be required to enter them again to start the app. The experience varies depending on a couple factors, like if users are working in Windows or on a Mac.

It will also vary depending on whether your organization has enabled single-factor authentication or multifactor authentication. Multifactor authentication usually involves verifying credentials via a phone, providing a unique code, entering a PIN, or presenting a thumbprint. Here’s a rundown of each modern authentication scenario.

Modern authentication is available for every organization that uses Teams. If users aren’t able to complete the process, there might be an underlying issue with your organization’s Azure AD configuration. For more information, see Why am I having trouble signing in to Microsoft Teams? If users have already signed in to Windows or to other Office apps with their work or school account, when they start Teams they’re taken straight to the app.

There’s no need for them to enter their credentials. Microsoft recommends using Windows 10 version or later for the best Single Sign-On experience. If users are not signed in to their Microsoft work or school account anywhere else, when they start Teams, they’re asked to provide either single-factor or multifactor authentication SFA or MFA. This process depends on what your organization has decided they’d like the sign-in procedure to require.

If users are signed in to a domain-joined computer, when they start Teams, they might be asked to go through one more authentication step, depending on whether your organization opted to require MFA or if their computer already requires MFA to sign in. If their computer already requires MFA to sign in, when they open up Teams, the app automatically starts. There are cases where you may not want this, especially if your organization uses different UPNs on-premises and in Azure Active Directory.

If that’s the case, you can use the following Windows registry key to turn off pre-population of the UPN:. Skipping or ignoring user name pre-fill for user names that end in “.

Users on domain-joined computer may not be able to sign in to Teams with another account in the same Active Directory domain.

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