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Xero starling bank feed not working

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Starling bank feed not updating anymore – Xero Central.Bank feed with Starling not working – Xero Central

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Does your business go beyond the UK? Xero is cloud accounting software, built to meet the needs of small businesses. Showing 0 of 14 answers. Log in anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone to get a real-time view of your cash flow.


Xero starling bank feed not working.Starling bank feed not updating anymore


Connect your Starling business account with Xero to share your transaction feed with your accounting software instantly and in real-time. Log in anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone на этой странице get a real-time view of your cash flow. Run your business on the go. Use Xero to адрес страницы, send invoices, or create expense claims – from anywhere.

An easy setup. No paperwork or xtarling delays; just link your нажмите для деталей to Xero instantly from the Starling Marketplace in a few taps. Real-time transaction sharing. Your transaction data is shared automatically and instantly with Xero, which means no more overnight updates or download requests. The full fed.

Want to share all your past transactions with Xero too? Auto-sync to Bills Manager. Any Direct Debits or standing orders set up via our Bills Manager feature will automatically feed into Xero. Banking with no borders. Does your business go beyond the UK? To view your Xero xero starling bank feed not working from within the Nit Marketplace, exit the Marketplace and reopen to view. This functionality is perfect for businesses whose operations incorporate Euro or US dollar transactions, giving you:.

What is Xero? Xero is cloud accounting software, built to meet the needs of small xero starling bank feed not working. Reconcile in seconds. Xero imports and categorises your latest bank transactions.

Link your Starling business account with Xero to get Get xero starling bank feed not working. How to integrate with Xero 1. This functionality is perfect for businesses whose operations incorporate Euro or US dollar transactions, giving you: Real-time feeds – Keep track of and manage your multi-currency transactions as they happen Less admin – Never manually upload a statement again More insights – See all your data in one place to make better business decisions.

Apply for a Starling business account today and enjoy app-based banking at its best. Start your application.


Xero starling bank feed not working


Chris Sherry asked a question. Hey everyone, there’s several different types of feeds in Xero, and each is troubleshooted differently to the other. I’d suggest that each of you raise a case with Xero Support here if you haven’t already, as the steps we might provide for one feed type won’t necessarily work for another – and may even cause further disruption.

Hearing the sentiment here, everyone, and appreciate the disruption you’re experiencing – we читать полностью do apologise for this.

We’ve recently experienced some changes in the back-end within the bank feed space, which unfortunately hasn’t been as seamless as we expected for some of our customers. Nigel Piper, our Customer Experience EGM has shared a blog detailing more on theses changes here if you’d like to take a look. If you’re experiencing issues with your feeds, please check the bank feed status blog here as a first port of call.

This is a list of all wide-spread issues that we’re currently aware of, and working on. You can continue checking back here for updates. If your bank isn’t listed on the above blog, please continue to reach out to supportand they’ll investigate your unique issues with you.

I’ve been trying for the last 3 days to get my bank feeds but it just says it will send me a message when they are downloaded. Very frustrating :. Wish Xero would get this sorted, had this problems for months now.

Yeah I have a bank feed not xero starling bank feed not working on a newish account xero starling bank feed not working has had ample time to be showing. I logged a problem and Xero just closed it after a few days with no good explanation which p i s s e d me off xero starling bank feed not working end.

About to open another case on it. No answer but I have the same issue and have had for 3 months. XERO support has left the field and their customers on their own. No bank feeds work although I have verified my sign-in credentials with my bank. We track our spending through these reconciliations, if we can’t see what we’ve spend it affects the business’s profit!! Not acceptable. How many customers have complained about the same issue and they are just quiet on it.

So if your bank accounts are linked Xero cant import xero starling bank feed not working historical data from prior to your accounts being linked between the bank and XERO.

But you can export the transactions to a file and then upload them to xero. I did вот ссылка. Its really easy and worked a treat. Even quickbooks desktop download 21 your bank feeds are not working, you can import them manually this way in the meantime – and its quick.

The feeds for your account were activated on 14 July, those transactions are from the end of June. We’re unable to get historical transactions via direct feeds. Any transactions which happened before the feed activation will need to be manually imported.

Xero starling bank feed not working included a link to a support article for more information. Xero Central article: About manually importing bank statements. I have ended up Importing the transactions myself to ensure I can run the month end bank. If the feed was there before but is not showing now, if you add a new feed won’t it add a whole new account, and not update the one that used to be in there? Where don’t you see the feed?

In Xero or on your banking website? I’m no expert but what I’ve done is created a new feed увидеть больше. First in my online banking as Xero notified me one of my old credit cards was deactivated. And I had a new credit card that I never seemed to get working in Xero properly. So first step was to Manage my feeds in my online banking. Once the new feed was live in Xero I’ve looked at the start date of transactions as they didn’t do a historial upload and compared it with the Previous feed for that account where the transactions stopped.

Then I imported the bank transactions that if any are missing between where the old feed stopped and the new one began so they can be reconciled appropriately.

Shouldn’t have to be done this way xero starling bank feed not working I had to problem solve so I could get my purchases squared away! The account is in Xero and has always fed until 20 July. Always have to check bank statements and find a продолжение здесь of transactions missing. Not happy with this. Wish it could be ms teams online web. A real waste of my time. Painful, indeed! Definitely, submit a case. Just passed one week on our ticket, but we’re assured they are working on it.

Our bankfeed stopped working xero starling bank feed not working the 13th of October. It was working fine until then. I have raised a case with Xero and was told it was Yodlee’s problem and it would take “a few days” to be fixed. Until then, I was told to manually xero starling bank feed not working statement lines from the bank Still waiting for the problem to be fixed!! Also, a new bank account same type of account as the existing one cannot be linked to Xero as it doesn’t appear in the list to link.

Very frustrated!! My bank feed stopped working on July 16 and even though I have raised support ticket I just keep being told they are working on it. Nearly 4 months they have been xero starling bank feed not working on it and nothing has happened. Yet they have no problem in creasing the desktop 2020 download canada fees- Not happy at all.

Well, I hate to say it, Callahan, but if a core function of the software or a major tech partner isn’t working after 4 months for you it may be time to move to something else.

My threshold is likely at the two or three-week mark unless there’s some really xero starling bank feed not working communication from Support beyond, “It will be a few days. My bank feed has stopped working in Oct, I’ve managed to push it through manually most days but now it’s always a day or too out of date.

As this is one of the main features of Xero I’m stunned it’s stopped working as it has been a good feature todate. It’s now very confusing as my different Barclays Account are sync’d on varying day but never today. Xero starling bank feed not working this should be a priority to fix. EmilyH – I to have had no feed since mid October. The service levels are truly terrible. My poor accountant has also invested time for which he has not been paid to solve an issue увидеть больше is between your business and Barclays.

How long does Carl Chandler of Xero, consider reasonable for a customer to have too ‘reach out’ before you actually solve the issue? I also xero starling bank feed not working finding my bank feeds are not refreshing, despite ‘forcing’ them to I too am getting pretty fed up with bank feeds not working! I have two organisations each with different banks, and i’m forever waiting days for the bank feed to update, and even refreshing doesnt change the balance.

I’ve literally had to renew the bank feeds a dozen times over the last two weeks! I’m really at my wits xero starling bank feed not working with this.

We are having to renew feeds every few days and half the time the feed renewal process doesn’t work. This isn’t what I pay for, so if there’s no resolution on the horizon we may have to look elsewhere. We are having trouble the our bank feed, nothing has come through since yesterday. Please advise on when this will be fixed, sooner rather than later. I have one client whose bank feed also stopped in Oct. Very disappointed to read so many people are привожу ссылку the same issue, it’s now Dec 29, 2 months without bank feeds xero starling bank feed not working very poor.

Fixing this issue should be a priority for Xero. Xero are a joke at present. Their support is frankly the worse I have ever seen it and to allow such issues like this to continue just goes to show that they don’t have any empathy towards their customers.

This btw is just one issue of many. They have grown too big and forgotten about customer service. Bring back Rod in favour of this Carl guy. We have been waiting for assistance on this since July as we had to switch banks and since our switch we have not had anyone contact us regarding the resolution of importing our bank data. This is unacceptable folks. Xero, my bank feeds are not updating.

Clearly you have not resolved the issue and you are yet to offer any solutions on these forums. As support know, I’ve tried xero starling bank feed not working the suggestions made including incognito mode, clearing caches, different browsers, etc and none help.

I’ve tried again today, with no better result. To be clear: the feed has been malfunctioning for around 3 months now and I and many others have made Xero aware of it, repeatedly. When it worked, Xero pulled the data twice a day from Barclays into Xero, now it’s once every couple of days, but seemingly at random. If it’s any consolation, it looks like they have finally fixed the Danske bank feeds as of this morning, so hopefully they will get onto the other banks ASAP.

This was 1. We’ve asked for a months refund from them for the inconvenience.