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Zerodha two factor authentication – zerodha two factor authentication.Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) from Duo

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Zerodha two factor authentication – zerodha two factor authentication.Turn on 2-Step Verification

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Congrats to Zerodha team for implementing this well. Care to explain the rationale? A lot of investors, unknowingly or driven by greed, fall for these. If you were doing it, you were in violation of the terms of use of the APIs. Zerodha’s Nithin Kamath explains ways in which money can be moved once access is compromised. It is much easier to accept this as Zerodha’s newly added prerequisite than saying it is in line with the SEBI Cyber Security regulations. Guhan September

Zerodha two factor authentication – zerodha two factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an identity and access management security method that requires two forms of identification to access resources and data. 2FA gives businesses the ability to monitor and help safeguard their most vulnerable information and networks. Click the PASSWORD & SECURITY tab. Under the ‘TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION’ header, click the 2FA option you want to enable: THIRD-PARTY AUTHENTICATOR APP: Use an Authenticator App as your Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). When you sign in you’ll be required to use the security code provided by your Authenticator App. In this video we have shown step by step how to enable 2 Factor authentication TOTP or set TOTP in Zerodha. This is an additional security measure that ensu.


How to disable TOTP in Zerodha? Know the meaning and use of TOTP before disabling it | Apps


Just a question out of curiosity. The use of TOTP to safeguard against suspicious trades was a helpful feature. With this change there is no protection against such trades. Developers will always find a way around it one way already discussed here. Trying to stop them from fully automating stuff is everyone’s waste of time and resources.

Otherwise It will be difficult to find the right code for this. I understand that order placement will be rejected Yes, all order placement-related calls will be throwing Yes, this will work as before. Yes, we will update the login flow documentation , before going live i. I would like to see the documentation updated for. Net API client. Zerodha should first update the documentation then announcement should be made.

Please postpone the date. Provide some time to user to update the code. Functionally, the APIs remain unchanged. Thanks Matti. Sorry for the confusion. I am able to login without any code changes after enabled TOTP option in kite web.

Guhan September I am using it and it is working perfectly well using selenium. Trust me it’s as seamless as without, with the added peace of having another layer of security. I have the Authy app on 2 devices for token generation, just in case. Congrats to Zerodha team for implementing this well. JeetKumar October Hi, Consider this please. I am an “almost blind” person, and I got my API system developed because I was having major problems using kite apps and website to place order.

Its an issue with every broker in India. The apps and websites are difficult to use by blind or almost blind people. Everything was ok with API, I could trade using my own “simpler” platform, built specifically for me.

Everything works with my screen reader on my simpler platform, no problems. Now you are implementing this 2FA system, which requires me to use a third party app on smart phones to get a code daily, and use that code to login within 30 seconds.

Is that right? It will take me over a minute to even open the app, let alone read the code using accessibility technology of the phone By that time, the login flow has expired, am I right? So I need to find someone everyday who can help me login to zerodha, “daily” Why is India so inconsiderate and insensitive towards blind people?

SEBI has no idea that even blind people are trading? I am sincerely asking and requesting, please keep this optional.

Please do not make it manditory. Anyone who requires higher security, they can opt for the system, or else, let the user be responsible for their API and account security. You can update your terms of use and make us accept the terms, and let the user be responsible for the security. No need for you to take the responsibility and implement password layer over layer over layer over layer in the name of security. I will happily take the responsibility of securing my API and account, no problem.

Can you please give me a direct line of communication with SEBI? I will take up this issue with them as well. If I give you a written complaint as zerodha user, can you forward it to SEBI, asking them to consider?

It will have more impact on SEBI if the request goes through you, instead of me as individual Its really sad to see how insensitive decision makers are in India, specially when it comes to accessibility ZERO idea of our problems. Totally zero. Again, sincerely asking, please please reconsider this decision. It will make things a lot lot difficult for people like me.

Please reconsider this. Honest, it will make so much problem for people like me You have no idea Can someone be kind enough to give me details on how to setup this “google authenticator” app on my android phone, and then how to connect it to zerodha Matti October Hi JeetKumar We understand the situation and can sympathise with your plight.

However, we can’t make an exception to complying with SEBI rules. Matti That’s the whole point. If SEBI is the dictator, then as service providers you must make them aware of situations of your customers, people like me. I am sure that I am not the only blind person in your client list.

There must be many more. But you are giving me a straight “NO” as answer But also give disabled people an alternative.

Where is that alternative? Its not there because you are not willing to tell SEBI that an alternative is “needed” and a “must needed”. Do you see my point now? Every website in USA like countries is supposed to have an alternate system for disabled people, so that “functionality” is accessible to “everyone”. But here, you are directly saying, “NO”.

And that too in the core login process LAWS are not coming down from sky. We are making them. We can change them too But there has to be a will to make the change in the law Simply refusing is not the answer to the problem JeetKumar Sir, you are talking about removing this 2 fa. Sebi implemented stupid margin rules,no broker said anything. How do you expect anyone will say anything against 2 fa! Better, just learn to adapt. Use the tools i told you. You can still automate the login process.

Matti i enable 2fa in zerodha mobile app, and also re-login through 2fa, but there is no option in zerodha kite developer page to login through 2fa, i demanded only ID and PW, is it normal, do i have to login in developer kite connect page to execute orders through algo and api, or just once a day login in mobile app through 2fa is enought to execute orders?

There is no option in zerodha kite developer page to login through 2fa, i demanded only ID and PW, is it normal, Above 2FA TOTP is used for login to your kite account, the kite connect developer page is completely separate it will continue to be the same as earlier. You need to go through this documentation to understand the login flow for kite connect APIs.

I was moved after reading JeetKumar’s post. Zerodha is known to be customer centric. That is all I am asking. A simple alternative. I am not asking to take back the rule of 2FA. Just a request, to provide an altenative. That’s all I am asking. I have been told that zerodha is known to stand with customers. This is my reason for hope. See, please please try to understand the situation from our side. Let me explain, read this below, its important. You have website and app, which we blind people find very very difficult to use.

We did “not” complained. We found an API alternative from “you only” which allowed us to build our own trading system. We spent money and got this thing coded for ourselves. We pay extra every month to get this API system running. No problem at all. Absolutely none. We were happy that zerodha provided this. People were allowed to trade in them only on specific instructions from the customer through their registered email addresses. Now, they have a permanent solution to this. They made it mandatory for all their users to use a mobile or email OTP to log in to Kite.

This TOTP is valid only for a short duration, which is usually 30 seconds, and is regenerated every 30 seconds. Log In Register. Remember Me. This annoying phase is to sensitise everyone about mandatory device lock. The next update will let TOTP users a small fraction of the userbase unfortunately to use that as the primary mode. I know Zerodha might be doing this in good faith and it is good thing you are creating awareness about Digital Security.

But neither person should be forced to use other mode. So as a temporary solution for myself I will access Kite from the Web Browser. And I hope for speedy release of new update…. TOTP is currently optional. Hey, one last thing. That works with Kite.

I wanted to know that if I use Biometric or Face ID authentication to login to kite on mobile, then does the validation happen on the phone itself or does zerodha get access to and store the biometric or Face ID data after it is enabled as a method to authenticate oneself on kite mobile on its server?

The Kite app Zerodha does not store this information. Explained here. The TOTP does not seem to be time-based or one-time.


– Zerodha two factor authentication – zerodha two factor authentication

You can use the same request token to generate access token, use it for all further requests like earlier.